the DERG

Origins of the DERG

The DERG exists because I was spending too much time between coaching classes at CrossFit New England on my butt.

I felt like I was undoing the progress I'd made during the day's workout one email at a time. I wanted some way to choose movement in how I worked, just like I've tried to in how I live the rest of my life.

So I got to tinkering, constructing the DERG prototype basically out of gymnastic tape and a broken plyo box.

I could tell the difference immediately - I wasn't as tight or tired at the end of the day. I didn't feel as badly about the hours I spent on the computer, either.

But my favorite part came when I pulled the DERG out after coaching. Our members saw me making just one, small decision in the direction of my health. They saw a real world example of the kind of habits we're always encouraging them to build.

I know the DERG alone can't win the battle against the kind of unnecessary idleness our work-lives too often demand.

But I'm excited to add one more tool to our toolboxes, one more way we can choose movement, one more opportunity to make a healthier decision.

Morgan Bungerz | Creator of the DERG