the DERG

good work.

The healthiest thing to happen to computers since ever: A desk attachment for your Concept2 BikeERG®.

the DERG


Made out of 3/4 inch Cabinet-grade Birch Wood and stained with a 50/50 blend of Colonial Maple and Golden Oak, the DERG is designed to fit Concept2 BikeErg® perfectly.

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• 19" long, 15 3/4" wide
• Includes attachments for water bottle
• Base from laser-cut steel sheet metal
• Rubber-coated to prevent scratching and bike damage
· Flat $14 shipping for all U.S. customers
• Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
• FREE eBook with 99 BikeERG workouts
• BikeERG most definitely not included

Working better makes everything better.

We sit in the car, hunch over our computers, and sink into the couch. We try to stay active, get our workouts in, and walk our 10,000 steps.

But we're still too still.

The DERG exists to help you choose movement wherever you can grab it.

Get Your DERG

Our mission isn't to replace traditional desks, but to supplement them. We're introducing a third way of working:

sit some

stand some

derg some

Why get a DERG?

Constantly Varied Work

Stop afternoon brain-drain by spending equal time sitting, standing, and doing DERG work.

Our recommendation is to split the day into thirds to maximize focus, novelty, and productivity.

Cycle Through Your Inbox

Made specifically to fit the Concept2 BikeErg®, the DERG is the perfect excuse to spend more time in your home gym.

Because spending more time in the gym is definitely better for you than spending more time in another Zoom meeting.

Choose More Movement

Don't let the hour you spend working out be the only time you dedicate to staying active.

Get your work done while you burn some calories, recover from the day's workout, and treat your body to the medicine of movement.


Just because we want to help you turn your C2 BikeERG into a desk doesn't mean we want you to stop using it for #fitness, too.

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